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Most People Only Buy After Being Exposed
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Let me show you how to hone in on people who did not buy your offers first time around, and how to expose them to your ads again and again until they BUY…..for literally pennies per click...

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Get access to all of my retargeting tricks that make me 5x more money from the same ads and the same traffic when you invest in this upgrade…….

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Hey, it’s Ram here once again, along with Ivana.

As you’re already aware, Commission Drill is the fastest and simplest way to making lucrative affiliate commissions, by sending laser targeted YouTube traffic at pennies per click to profitable CPA and ClickBank offers.

But, did you know…....most people will only buy something after multiple exposures to an ad?

Think about your own buying behavior. How often do you buy something as soon as you see it? In most cases, you’ve probably been exposed to marketing around 3-4 times before you made a purchase.

There is a well-known marketing quote that states:

"Fortune is in the follow up"

Serious internet marketers know that the majority of their sales come from following up potential buyers and exposing them to their offers multiple times.

Here’s why you need to remarket:

  • Multiple exposures to an ad is proven to seriously increase conversions – you can expect up to 5x the normal conversion rate
  • Remarketing costs around 5 times less than marketing to a brand new audience
  • YouTube remarketing is the cheapest of all the social platforms, and has a massive ‘window’ of 540 days (in other words, you can retarget someone today who watched your ad up to 540 days ago).
  • YouTube allows you to hone in on people who either watched your video on YouTube, landed on your website, is a mobile app user or left you their email address – you know these people were interested, why not target them again?

Commission Drill shows you how to zoom in on profitable CPA and ClickBank offers, and send laser targeted YouTube traffic to these ‘can’t fail’ offers for pennies per click.

But think of how much MORE money you can make when I show you how to zoom in on all the people who did not buy, and expose them to your ads again and again until they do.

It costs 5 times less to remarket to someone who has previously seen your ad than it does to show the ad to a new person.

AND, that person is more likely to buy because, as I explained above, most people will only buy after multiple exposures.


Why go through the effort, time and money targeting new audiences all the time when you can make more $$$ from retargeting?

I can save you all that time, effort and money, and show you EXACTLY how I retarget all my non-buyers, expose them to my ads several times, and practically force them to buy.

 In other words, I’ll show you, step by step, everything you need to make 5x as much money from the same ads and with the same traffic…….right here!

Here's what you’ll get…

  • How to retarget YouTube users – Zero in on everyone who watched your ads on YouTube but did not buy, and show them your ads again so they are ‘reminded’ to buy
  • How to target website visitors – I’ll show you how to target people who visited your website, and even people who visited just one page of your website. E.g. someone has purchased your front end product, but never made it to your upsell page. I’ll show you how to retarget this person and direct them to your upsell offer.
  • How to target mobile app users – This is a real underground tactic! Most marketers are unaware how much money can be made from mobile app CPA offers. I’ll show you how to target app users, show them offers for similar apps for download, or even app upgrades, and get paid lucrative commissions per download!
  • How to target customer email addresses – I’ll show you how to upload your email list to YouTube so that, anytime a subscriber of yours is on YouTube, they ‘magically’ see your ads and offers.

 Listen Closely: This upgrade is NOT essential – Commission Drill alone will show you how to make highly profitable affiliate commissions within 24 hours…. 

However, this is the route to take if you are serious about your internet marketing career, and are hungry for true high-level success.

 I am giving you the chance to take what you learn in Commission Drill, and then pour gasoline on it, so you earn 5X the commission GUARANTEED. 

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