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shaggy bark trees in pennsylvania

That's the frequent but nonetheless startling sound that occurs at Hilton Pond Center each autumn, when squirrels start dropping nuts from a towering Shagbark Hickory tree onto a tin-roofed storage shed less than 50 feet from our computer desk. Teeth fine, several for each main lateral vein ..... 30 . Silver maple trees have a broad, spreading crown with the central trunk breaking into massive branches. Optimized for tablets such as iPad and Kindle, electronic downloads of the now out-of-print volume are available by clicking on the links below. Magnolia Warbler--1* to support the work of Hilton Pond Center. How to identify trees by their bark: To identify a tree by its bark, the first step is to look at its various parts and on the basis of these, find it out in a tree. northern red oak 1. Today, more than ever before, trees play an increasingly important part in our lives. American Goldfinch--2 The bark will be deeply furrowed. The male flowers are much more obvious: four-inch green catkins (right) that yield pollen and then fall by the millions, usually landing in mist nets we have unfurled to catch birds. If your group would like to host "Hummingbird Mornings" anywhere American beech 4. (It's a joke. The Shagbark Hickory is an excellent shade tree that gives a stunning display of gold leaves in autumn. probably a female. Other Important Facts: The Red Maple is found mostly in Pennsylvania. In addition to the birds and mammals above, mallards, wood ducks, and bobwhites utilize small amounts of hickory nuts. Each long, thick bark plate is attached at the middle, with both ends curving away from the trunk and giving the tree a truly shaggy appearance. Of course, the bark is attractive at other times of the year as well. It's a wise safety precaution--just in case the bombardiers are off-target as they toss hickory nuts from our shaggybark tree toward the metal roof of the nearby shed. Color-marked guide. A cord of split Shagbark wood is said to have the same heat value as a ton of anthracite coal, so many frontier cabins kept warm with Shagbark at the hearth. Trees that have scaly bark are shagbark hickory, strawberry tree, maple and river birch. Key To Some Common Trees of Pennsylvania . (We can at least be relieved the squirrels have no access to laying hens.). Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Good addition to long term plan for your hunting or wildlife viewing plot, Ornamental "shaggy" bark gives good winter interest, Classic for firewood and used for adding flavor when grilling. Although we've seen Shagbark Hickories in the Carolina Piedmont east of Hilton Pond and York County, their more common natural range is from the western edge of the Piedmont to the eastern edge of the Great Plains, and north to the Great Lakes and southern New England. By the way, the story goes that Andrew Jackson, seventh U.S. president, was nicknamed Old Shagbark because he looked as disheveled as the trunk of this tree. (Click on the logo at left for details.) After the tree is established, top growth speed will pick up noticeably. Slender young branch tips are often bright red. Hickory is one of the strongest lumbers around and it is used for making furniture, flooring, handles on tools and some athletic equipment. It's worth noting that there may be another Shagbark in the Piedmont. Natural food enthusiasts still favor Shagbark nuts for their sweetness--most hickories have less palatable nutmeats--and are never tossed to the hogs as are fruits from Pignut Hickory, Mockernut Hickory, or the appropriately named Bitternut Hickory. Shagbark Hickory's yellow-green compound leaves (left) are 8"-14" long--usually with five (sometimes seven) lobe-shaped leaflets; these are finely serrated and edged with very fine hairs. River Birch – A tree that grows very well on the banks of streams, it can also serve as a specimen on a lawn or garden. Most Red Maples grow to a length of about 50 feet high. NOTE: Be sure to scroll down for an account of all birds banded or recaptured during the week, as well as some other interesting nature notes. Shagbark Hickory Tree Info 1. makes winter hikes more fun, interesting, and educational. Tufted Titmouse--1, This Week at Hilton Pond The link above is required by a Web site that provides us with a free page counter. in the U.S. or Canada in 2004 or later, contact 06/17/01--2nd year male. You can trace shagbark hickory trees all the way back to the Native Americans, who used the trees to smoke meats, make bows, and much more. Eastern Chipmunks are adept at chewing open hickory shells, and even diminutive White-footed Mice will work the nut until they finally get inside. Hickory tree flowers in blossom on the tree in early springtime in north Mississippi. It’s a great time of the year in Pennsylvania to get out and walk around in the woods. Black Bears are known to tank up on Shagbark fruit prior to hibernation, while Wild Turkeys swallow and then grind the nuts in their powerful gizzards. Mature Height & Width:  60-80' Height and 30-40' Spread, Growth Rate:  Moderate - 12-24" per year on average, Moisture Requirements: Dry to average soils. Removing the husk from a Shagbark nut before its time is hard work. The River Birch (Betula nigra), whose bark adds interest year-round, and grows up to 40-60’ tall, but the appealing bark itself attracts the bronze birch borer. These include Hickory Shuckworms (Laspeyresia caryana), Pecan Weevils (Curculio caryae), and Hickorynut Curculio Weevils (Conotrachelus affinis and C. hicoriae). The leaves are really coming out and everyday gets greener and greener. Here are some common varieties to choose for ornamental bark on trees. Shellbark also differs in having elongated fruit and 5-9 leaflets.) Alluvium is typically made up of a variety of materials, including fine particles When winter winds strip away the leaves of trees, identifying the species takes on a whole new level of difficulty.

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