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14, eds. Roth, Martin S. and Christine Moorman (1988), "The Cultural Content of Cognition and the Cognitive Content of Culture: Implications for Consumer Research," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol 15, ed. Baumgartner, Gary and Alain Jolibert (1978), "The Perception of Foreign Products in France," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 16, ed. Prior to 1975, cross-cultural research focused on comparing a single culture with the U.S. Clearly the 1975-85 decade saw cross-cultural researchers expanding the scope of their research to include more diverse cultures and subcultures in a simultaneous examination. Stanton, John, Rajan Chandran, and Jeffrey Lowenhar (1981), "Consumerism in Developing CountriesCThe Brazilian Experience," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol 8, ed. O'Connor, P.J., Gary L. Sullivan, and Dana A. Pogorzelski (1985), "Cross Cultural Family Purchasing Decisions: A Literature Review," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. While cross-cultural consumer behavior research has certainly progressed as a field throughout the twenty years of work examined in this review, there nonetheless are aspects of this research which warrant further attention if the field is to contribute to our understanding of consumer behavior. 10, ed. Regardless of the dominant religion, Ger and Belk (1990) found the protestant work ethic and the subsequent increased value of material possessions to be surprisingly prevalent in Third World countries (Lee 1989; Wallendorf and Arnould 1987). We further recommend a "thing-centered" approach, in which the field of cultural phenomena is distilled by label- We explore this through a study of cross-cultural consumer decision-making styles. Gensch, Dennis H. and Richard Staelin (1972), "The Appeal of Buying Black," Journal of Marketing Research, 9 (May), 141-148. Wilkes, Robert E. and Humberto Valencia, (1985), "A Note on Generic Purchaser Generalizations and Subcultural Variations," Journal of Marketing, 49 (Summer), 114-120. 14, eds. McCracken, Grant (1986), "Culture and Consumption: A Theoretical Account of the Structure and Movement of the Cultural Meaning of Consumer Goods," Journal of Consumer Research, 13 (June), 71-84. ...PSY322/Consumer Psychology and Research June 16, 2013 Case Study Analysis The subject case studies are designed in order to conceptualize the cross-cultural consumer behaviors, their effects on business and company activities while analyzing the case study. 17, eds. In reviewing the countries and cultures studied by consumer researchers during the last two decades, a diverse and substantial number of cultures have been investigated. proposes a decision-making model that explains the co-adoption of three environmental behaviors such as sourcing electricity 17, eds. 10, eds. Most aspects of consumer behavior are culture-bound. M. Wallendorf and P. Anderson, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, 538-542. Scott Ward and Peter Wright, Urbana, IL: Association for Consumer Research, 145-153. Finally, while most of the cross-cultural research dealt with industrialized cultures, articles that explicitly examined primitive (meaning nonindustrialized cultures indigenous to the geographical region) cultures are marked with "P" and will be discussed in a separate section. (1976), "Cultural Values Do Correlate With Consumer Behavior," Journal of Marketing Research, 13 (May), 121-127. Hunt, Ann Arbor, MI: Association for Consumer Research, 151-159. Sirgy, M. Joseph (1982), "Self-Concept in Consumer Behavior: A Critical Review," Journal of Consumer Research, 9 (December), 287-300. H.K. Tan, Chin Tiong and James McCullough (1985), "Relating Ethnic Attitudes and Consumption Values in an Asian Context," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. Corpus ID: 168492616. (1980), "Cultural Comparisons of Variety-Seeking Behavior," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. R. Bagozzi and A. Tybout, Ann Arbor, MI: Association for Consumer Research, 191-196. Furthermore, because values are internalized, the danger of ethnocentrism and overly broad generalizations distorting perceptions is quite probable. The second criterion was the inclusion of the term "culture" in the article title. Wilkie, Ann Arbor, MI: Association for Consumer Research, 364-371. Wiley, James B. and Gordon G. Bechtel (1985), "Scaling of Cross-National Survey Data," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. Conflicting reports on hispanic brand loyalty and English/French Canadian purchase patterns represent a need to more clearly isolate subpopulations on a variable other than language (O'Guinn and Faber 1985; Saegert Hoover and Hilger 1985; Schaninger, Bourgeois, and Buss 1985; Valencia 1985). Thomas K. Srull, Provo, UT: Association for Consumer Research, 105-110. 6, ed. Kahle, Lynn R., (1986), "The Nine Nations of North America and the Value Basis of Geographic Segmentation," Journal of Marketing, 50 (April), 37-47. Rudmin, Floyd W. (1990), "German and Canadian Data on Motivations for Ownership: Was Pythagoras Right?" 17, eds. Hunt, Ann Arbor, Mi: Association for Consumer Research, 160-166. (1983), "Fancies and Glimmers: Culture and Consumer Behavior," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol.

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